Rosemary Wofuru was diagnose of Recurrent Spontaneous Epistaxis Complicating Nasal Tumor at Lebiibs Specialist Hospital Limited and needed Emergency Surgical Operation. Steph Foundation was contacted to assist with the medical bill.

After due process, Steph Foundation issued a cheque of N200,000.00 (Two hundred thousand Naira) to the hospital on the 26/10/2016 and it was presented by Miss. Daniella Adinusor the Steph Queen 2016 for the Surgical Operation to commence.

At Steph Foundation it is a privilege to help.





To support the least privileged individuals, offering more chances in life.


Starting from an initial capital of 5 million Naira (year 2014) to increase constantly and become a leading charity/skills development foundation in Nigeria.


  • "Helping the persons in need is a privilege for few"
    Stefano Piotti
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