About Miss Steph

Miss Steph pageant was officially established in the year 2014, as the Miss Steph foundation charity Queen. It started as a charity initiative single-handedly championed by Dr. Stefano Piotti through the Steph Piotti foundation particularly for the development of young and talented creatives in the Nigerian entertainment industry. 

Over the years the brand has evolved and has by itself been successful in purporting its primary motives, which is breeding self-development and instilling confidence in young people. 

The yearly event which screams elegance has been nothing short of a humanitarian convergence and has stayed as a perfect vehicle to reach out to the less privileged, being a no-fee involvement pageant. 

Miss Steph has been very precise and concise in choosing their Queens, as so far, all the participants have a similar aim, the opportunity, and the right platform to fulfil their deepest desire which is to give back whilst brand building themselves. 

The first edition was won by Miss Favour followed by Miss Gloria who had emerged as the second queen in the beauty, music, and talent’s event. In the years that followed the Crown has been graced several Queens and a mix of runner-up’s known as the Steph queens. 

The current titleholder is an undergraduate of Biochemistry from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology Miss Uduak Emmanuel who hails from Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. 

The contestants and winners of the pageant are exposed to the nitty-gritty of the Foundation, the values and culture the Foundation holds, her practices, and exposure to the community.