Steph Event 2017

In a glamorous event that captivated the hearts of attendees, Grace Ohou emerged as the proud winner of the prestigious title, Miss Steph Charity Queen 2017. The beauty pageant, held at the Grace Place event center, showcased the remarkable talent, elegance, and philanthropic spirit of young women from across the nation.

Grace Ohou, a charismatic and compassionate individual, captured the hearts of the judges and the audience with her unwavering commitment to philanthropy.

During the pageant, Grace Ohou eloquently articulated her vision for a more compassionate and inclusive society, highlighting the importance of community engagement and empowerment. Her genuine warmth and dedication resonated with the audience and solidified her position as a deserving recipient of the Miss Steph Charity Queen crown.

In addition to the title, Grace Ohou will serve as an ambassador for the Miss Steph Charity Foundation throughout her reign. She will have the opportunity to collaborate with charitable organizations, participate in community service projects, and inspire others to get involved in philanthropic activities.

The Miss Steph Charity Queen pageant expresses its heartfelt congratulations to Grace Ohou for her remarkable achievement. Her grace, intelligence, and commitment to making a positive impact on society make her an exemplary representative of the pageant’s values.

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