Activities, Pet Projects - 2016

Pap Smear Test

Pap smear test for 15 female candidates being conducted on 15 and 16 of September at Ponyx hospital for the prevention of cervical cancer.


Steph Foundation has just concluded the screening & prevention of Cervical Cancer by running Pap Smear Test for 16 ladies and we are glad to announce that the results were all Normal.
Sarah O. Bebe-Utomi was privileged to be one of these ladies and I am thankful to Steph Foundation for this act of kindness.
As an insider and one of the Trustees of Steph Foundation. There is this famous saying “Charity begins at Home”. Steph Foundation act of charity actually started from home and it has gone outside, so widely spread that a lot of people from all these states (Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Lagos, Abuja etc) are smiling because of the effect of Steph Foundation on their lives.
At Steph Foundation we consider it a privilege to help.

Sarah Bebe-Utomi

Steph Foundation Executive Secretary