Donations, Pet Projects -2024

SCF Cash Donation to a Cancer Warrior

In a recent act of kindness, SCF made a significant donation to support a cancer patient in their journey toward healing. Representing the organization was Queen Ifeoma Uzoigwe (Miss Steph 2024 winner).

SCF has remained steadfast in its commitment to making a positive impact on individuals facing challenging circumstances. This recent donation reflects our dedication to providing both financial and emotional support to those navigating the often-arduous path of battling cancer.

The recipient of this generous donation, Mr. Emmanuel Babbo, is not just a patient but a symbol of resilience and hope. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is an uphill battle that requires not only medical intervention but also a strong support system recognizes the importance of holistic care and understands that financial burdens can exacerbate an already difficult situation.

The recent donation from SCF will go towards Mr. Emmanuel’s medical expenses, alleviating some of the financial strain associated with cancer treatment.

SCF remains dedicated to serving humanity through various goodwill initiatives. Whether it’s supporting medical causes, educational programs, or community development projects, our organization continues to seek opportunities to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.