Activities, Pet Projects-2017

Shoe a Child

“Shoe a Child” by Miss Theodora lsokariari, Miss Port-Harcourt City 2016/2017 in Conjunction with Steph Piotti Foundation
In Nigeria, over thousands of parents are being faced with different challenges, but the most common of it all is “Poverty”. Majority of children are not being well catered for due to the lack of money, to the extent that many parents cannot even afford to give their children the best education, health care and the rest.

It was discovered through research that, some children go to their schools looking tattered some wear worn out shoes, to some, it is torn school uniforms while some do not even have exercise books. As a result, they were denied of their sense of belongings amongst their peers which in a way we believe can make them loose focus and this can affect their performances in school.

As our culture in Steph Foundation to add values to lives and put smile on people’s faces, especially to young ones, we were able to reach out to some quite numbers of students in two different Secondary Schools in the Rivers State part of Nigeria by donating to them some Pairs of Shoes and Exercise books through the “Shoe a Child” Project initiated by Miss Theodora lsokariari, the Port-Harcourt City Queen, 2016/2017.

At the end of the visitation to those schools, students that were able to benefit from the project were so happy and we were glad to have impacted their lives in a way.