Financial Reports


Looking at the possibility of generating funds and creating partnership with International investors to support in CSR activities, SISL released CSR Financial Report dated September 26, 2019.

As at the period of release, the total of 152,849.57 USD equivalent to NGN55,080,000.00 has been spent to support different categories of CSR activities as follows:

  • Education and Sponsorship: 18,010.68 USD equivalent to NGN6,500,000.00
  • Events Sponsorship: 12,372.22 USD equivalent to NGN4,500,000.00
  • Charity and Other Donations, 37,744.44USD equivalent to NGN13,500,000.00
  • Job Creations:84,722.22 USD equivalent to NGN30,500, 000.00

It was projected that before the end of the Year 2019 from the month of August 2019, there might be need for the company to generate the total of 55,555.56 USD equivalent to NGN20,000,000.00 more or less to be able to meet the high demand of people’s daily need for support.

The CEO in his comment recognized the need to fast track the implementation of getting partnership to support this project.