News Updates, Pet Project- 2022

Steph Charity Foundation officially received two (2) plots of land from Ojimba-Ama community for the construction of a Borehole and a Mini Health Care centre for the Community.

Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 11th March 2022 – Ojimba-Ama Community officially handed over two (2) plots of Land to Steph Charity Foundation, for the construction of a borehole and a mini health care centre for the community. This event took place at Ojimba-Ama Community, Port Harcourt, on 11th March 2022. Mr. Stefano Piotti (Chairman of the Foundation), the three (3) Steph Charity Foundation Queens and other members of his team were physically present at Ojimba-Ama to receive the two plots of Land from the elders of the community for the proposed project. 

This event also marked the official launch of the pet projects of the Miss Steph Charity Queens, 2022. The Foundation used this opportunity to donate brand new quality clothes, shoes, drinks and food items to Ojimba-Ama community. 

Steph Charity Foundation is a not-for-profit organization,  committed to improving quality of lives and standard of living, by contributing towards the achievement of the global sustainable development goals (SDGs), with more emphasis on the actualization of goal 3 (good health and well-being), goal 4 (quality education), goal 6 (clean water and sanitation) in rural communities in Nigeria, among other goals.

The proposed mini health care centre to be sited at Ojimba-Ama community will be the first of its kind in that community, and we are hopeful that mortality rate (especially among infants and child bearing age women) will be reduced to barest minimum. Currently, the Ojimba-Ama community do not have access to clean water, hence, the need to construct a borehole for the use of the community to prevent the use of contaminated water.

These projects are built in memory of our dear friend and brother, Mr. Primo Bianchi, an Italian-Nigerian citizen, who lived in Nigeria for about 40 years and also contributed tremendously to improve the lives of people in rural communities in Nigeria.

While we may be able to singlehandedly, construct a borehole and hand it over to Ojimba-Ama community before June 2022, we will not be able to achieve same for the mini health care centre. We therefore, use this medium to solicit for support/donations from individuals, NGOs, SDG stakeholders, government, the general public, etc, to enable us to complete the mini health care centre and hand it over to Ojimba-Ama community by November 2022. 

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