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As it is the culture of the brand to motivate young and vibrant creatives, SISL on the auspicious day of August 21st  held its second talent hunt for the year 2020, in the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Unlike like the past editions, the event featured a mix of talented creatives ranging from voice to beautiful music piece presentations using the piano, violin, and other musical instruments.

The first performance was by Jason Clement, who sang and played the piano, his performance was met with enthusiastic applause and praise. The second piece performed was by Michael Onoja with the piano, while subsequent performances were by Jennifer David who played the piano, with Kristen Onoja and Prosper Baridaa who performed using the Violin, their pieces were supported by the piano which was played by Mr. Larry Clement. From the point, of their performance, the texture of the melody omitted from the violin filled the room with excitement and admiration for the duo.

Also present were guest performers who hyped the contestants through their solo performance, it showed uniqueness in that it incorporated everyday sounds into the event, which provided for a very wide variety of dance tunes. The last performance from the guest artist ushered the next session of the talent show which featured mostly the voice artist, who took turns in performing different tunes to the thrill of the audience and judges.

The voice performance was won by miss Angel Amieyeofori with Micheal Onoja winning the main prize for the instrument performance, in all, all participating contestants were fully appreciated and compensated. We believe everyone is a winner and we are delighted to fully offer our continuous support and encouragement always for what they do by providing the platform, in collaboration with the ardent support of our sponsors.

The event was indeed a superior show of great talent, great voices, great platform, and the children were excited about being part of the beginning that will help them drive their passion.

In the words of Billy Joel -SISL concurs "Like family, we are tied to each other. This is what all good musicians understand."

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