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Rivers State, Nigeria. 16th January 2023 – Miss Uvere Chidinma Grace officially commences her reign as Miss Steph 2023. The Queen was warmly received, celebrated and officially charged to commence her reign by  Dr. Stefano Piotti, the Chairman and CEO of Steph Charity Foundation (SCF) and his team.

In an interview with Steph Charity Foundation (SCF), Queen Chidinma talks about how she anticipates her reign to be.

SCF: Has the organization fulfilled its obligations to you?

Chidinma: Yes, they have. Every single promise made by the organization to the winner upon coronation and throughout the period of the reign has been fulfilled and is still being fulfilled.

SCF: Today, Monday, 16th January 2023, marks the official commencement of your reign as Miss Steph. How do you anticipate your reign to be?

Chidinma: Every title comes with responsibilities. Using my crown and office as a force for good, as Miss Steph 2023, I hope to use my voice and platform to bring to light, issues facing society and the youths, creating mental health awareness by sharing my story and personal experiences, to enlighten and inspire people while being a ray of hope for them in their dark times.

Also, by working hand-in-hand with the Steph Charity Foundation team and in cooperation with the other queens, I hope to serve humanity, give back to society, be a force for change and bring the Miss Steph brand to the limelight.

SCF: How do you intend to bring the Miss Steph brand to limelight? And how do you want to create mental health awareness? Could you please mention some of the issues facing society and the youth which you are keenly interested in?

Chidinma: The Steph Charity Foundation’s mission is to be a powerful force and a pillar of support for communities and the less fortunate in society. Through my platform, I intend to extend a hand to those in need in society, carrying on in line with the foundation’s mission and bringing smiles to as many faces as I can under the brand.

The issue of mental health in society can never be overemphasized. I want to share my personal experiences, challenges, and how I overcame and still continue to overcome with the world, urging them to use the power of their voice to speak up and seek help. With the help of the Steph Charity Foundation, I hope to create a safe space where people can feel at home to share issues that bother them and be connected to channels where they can find professional help to aid them on their journey.

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Amongst numerous issues facing society today, I’m most passionate about issues which affect children and teenagers.

Top of this list is health, personal and environmental hygiene issues and how it affects education. I believe when we raise kids who are intentional about their health, environment and education, we are building a sustainable future.

SCF: Thank you for sharing your lofty ideas, interest and passion. Steph Charity Foundation is solidly behind you all the way, you have the full support of the organization. Together, we will reach out to the less fortunate in society.

Do you think your reign will be different from previous Queens? If yes, why do you think so?

Chidinma: My predecessors have performed spectacularly in their times. I hope to learn from their experiences and draw from their strengths. I hope to write my name in the sands of time as a queen whose reign was nothing short of impactful. Knowing that I have the full support of the Steph Charity Foundation fills me with so much confidence that my reign will be a successful one.

SCF: Tell us about your pet project.

Chidinma: Under the Steph Charity Foundation, I will be reaching out to underprivileged kids and teenagers through a platform tagged “Preserving Tomorrow”. The project is of two themes: Health and Hygiene.

This project aims to build a sustainable society where the young generation (kids and teenagers) are intentional about their actions and how their actions affect their health and the environment.

SCF: What legacy do you intend to leave behind?

Chidinma: I hope that through my reign as Miss Steph 2023 I create a chain reaction of humanitarianism that transcends beyond the Steph Charity Foundation so that when people see the acts of goodwill I have begun and carried out in society, they are moved to do more.

I intend to be a queen who will be known and remembered as an instrument for change.

SCF: What do you think about the Steph Charity Foundation Family?

Chidinma: The Steph Charity Foundation, owned by Dr. (AMBP) Stefano Piotti is more than just an organization. It is a fortress and home where it is considered a privilege to help the underprivileged members of society. Having humanitarianism as her core value, the Steph Charity Foundation empowers women through pageantry who in turn give back to society through various platforms and make the world a better place.

Being a part of the family for me is being a part of an excellent force for societal transformation and it’s truly an honour to identify with such a home.

SCF: Thank you so very much for your time and well-articulated responses. We have come to the end of this interview session. We enjoyed our time with you. We are glad to have you as our Queen here at Steph Charity Foundation. We wish you success throughout your reign as Miss Steph 2023.

Chidinma: Thank you so much for the questions. I’m glad to have been a part of this interview today. I appreciate the hospitable welcome to the family, the support and the well-wishes.

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